Amor & Rosas

Amor & Rosas, founded by Laura Melendrez and Debra Broberg in 2016, is ethical fashion that looks to transform the lives of those who wear it and the lives of those who make it. Everything we do is under our social impact model and environmental sustainability best practices, with the objective of creating economical development in the rural areas of Mexico and minimize our environmental impact. Our garments combine artisanal embroideries and eco-friendly textiles with modern designs, creating authentic pieces for the socially conscious consumer. Up to date, we work with 98 artisans in 8 different communities in the states of: Hidalgo, Estado de Mexico, Chiapas, and Oaxaca.



Calle Relox 18, Colonia Centro, 33770,

San Miguel de Allende, GTO

01 415 152 1434

01 415 152 0215


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