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Dôce 18 Celebrates Its 3rd Anniversary!

On April 27th Dôce 18 Concept House celebrated its 3rd anniversary with a small get together for of everyone involved in the project.

In honor of their 3rd anniversary artist/muralist Esteban Fuentes de Maria, who painted the famous "La Pareja Perfecta" mural, located in The Kitchen, for Dôce18's first anniversary, returned to add more birds, which migrate to other areas of the Concept House.

Along with this 3 banners now hang in the main entrance of the Concept House, a collaboration between Mexican social project Hilando Mexico and Esteban Fuentes de Maria, who worked on a synergy of painting and embroidery.

Dôce 18 celebrates 3 years filled of experiences, new projects, and of being able to become a platform for Mexico to truly showcase what it has to offer! Thank you everyone for being a part of it!


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