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48 Hours in San Miguel De Allende

Discover an utterly enchanting town at the nexus of Mexican design, culture and history - World Travel Magazine by Elana Castle

"Wander high into the Mexican heartland to an infinitely instagrammable city at the nexus of history and contemporary culture".

"If you’ve checked Mexico off the bucket list, it’s likely that you’ve navigated the cosmopolitan streets of Mexico City or luxuriated at one of the country’s many coastal resorts. Competing with never-ending shoreline and bohemian beach towns, it stands to reason that San Miguel de Allende, located in the country’s mountainous highlands is so frequently overlooked. However, this colonial town, located a mere three hours north of Mexico City, offers an utterly refreshing perspective on Mexican heritage and contemporary culture".

"Known for its immaculate examples of Baroque Spanish architecture and for a unique place in independence history, the city also boasts a vigorous thriving arts and design scene, an equally buoyant culinary landscape and a roster of annual cultural fiestas that draw exuberant locals, Mariachi bands and Mojigangas (grand puppet-style figures) into the streets. Locals will tell you that the town has a unique energy vortex, one which draws artists, creatives and seekers to its inner sanctum. With so many delights in the offing, you’ll need at least two days to wander the city’s cobblestoned streets, where rose and butterscotch-hued walls and hulking, wooden, bougainvillaea covered doorways conceal lush courtyards, hidden treasures and serendipitous encounters beyond".

L’Ôtel at Dôce 18

Ten impeccably designed suites sit atop the Dôce 18 Concept House, nestled in Allende’s tranquil streets. The chic-white oasis exudes a genteel contemporary air. Soft colours prevail throughout the rooms, each thoughtfully embellished with refined, artisanal decor, modern furniture, geometric patterned floors and minimalist wall art.

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